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Importing household goods and property of members of diplomatic, consular or special missions from abroad must come through a request in all cases.

In the request covering the import of household goods, the tariff item must be placed in the corresponding field, item 9804.00.01 of the TIGIE (Tariff of the General Import and Export Tax Law) indicating in the identification box the key MD, according to Appendix 8 from Anex 22 of the General Foreign Trade Regulations for 2017.

Members of the Mexican Foreign Service who completed an official mission abroad, when the mission is longer than six months, except in cases of force majeure, may import household goods free of general import tax, upon request to the Foreign Affairs Ministry and previous authorization from the customs authority. The same exemption will be granted to export their household goods when leaving the country.

Legal Basis: Articles 90 and 91 of the Customs Law Regulation and regulation 3.2.6. of the General Foreign Trade Regulations for 2017.