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Endangered species of wild flora and fauna

CITES certificate

All wildlife samples, products or byproducts require a CITES certificate or an authorization by the General Wildlife Agency (DGVS) from SEMARNAT in order to enter our country.

Should you fail to comply with these requirements, you may lose them and be sanctioned. Likewise, if you buy, possess, transport, enter or exit simples, products or byproducts of wild flora and/or fauna, you must prove their lawful origin. Otherwise, you may be sanctioned with a fine as high as 50 thousand days of minimum wage and up to 9 years in prison.

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Which personal use items do not require CITES?

All those made of wildlife products or by-products such as boots, bags, coats, collars, earrings, ornaments and other house goods do not require a CITES certificate or import and export authorization, as long as there are no more than 2 pieces of the same product.


Say no to products made of sea turtles, ivory, Mexican parrots, monkeys, ocelot, or jaguar fur.

Be careful

With corals, orchids, cacti, shells, leather articles and insects.

Wooden objects or furniture

If you acquire wooden crafts, objects or hardwood furniture, new, second-hand or seemingly second-hand or antique, make sure they are painted, coated, oiled, varnished or covered in any finishing coating and without bark, in order to decrease the possibility of pests such as fungi, termites or other insects that don´t exist in our country.

A PROFEPA agent will carry out an inspection upon entering the country.

Ozone depleting substances (pollutants).

Do not foster imports and exports of harmful substances for human health, the ozone layer, and the environment. Substitutes are already available, which read: “this substance is not ozone depleting”.

Should you store, traffic, import, export, carry or leave such substances unlawfully, you will be sanctioned with a fine and jail time.

Entering the country with the following hazardous waste, without SEMARNAT´s approval, is prohibited:

  • Electronic waste such as unusable cellphones, computers and appliances that cannot be repurposed.
  • Used car batteries, except the one being used by the vehicle.

Disposing of these products or parts in inadequate sites, may cause harm to the environment and public health.