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Temporary Export and Import of Goods via “Cuadernos ATA”

What is an ATA Carnet?  

This is an international customs document promoting and easing exports/imports and temporary exports of goods in 75 countries (members of the ATA System), simplifying the customs clearance and suppressing the remittance of additional documentation such as bills, declarations, invoice of landing, etc., in a duty-free framework and for periods of up to six months.


The acronym “ATA” is a French and English acronym meaning “Admission Temporaries/Temporary Admission”. It shall be stated that the ATA Carnet does NOT exempt users from fulfilling the Non-tariff Regulations and Restrictions of the goods that require so.


What can I import/export via an ATA Carnet?

Goods whose purpose is their use at: 

  • Shows and expositions 
    “Customs Convention regarding the facilities granted to import goods destined to be in a show or used at an exposition, a fair, a congress, or similar demonstrations”.
  • Products for commercial display of goods
    “International agreement to ease the import of commercial samples in the field of advertising”.
  • Professional equipment: press, radio, movies, technical facilities, theatre, sports events…etc.
    “Customs Convention for the temporary import of professional equipment”.

What are the advantages of conducting foreign trade operations using an ATA Carnet?

One single document for all customs formalities, whenever the non-tariff restrictions and regulations are fulfilled for the goods that require so.
It is not necessary to file requests, nor invoices for the goods.
It is possible to carry out several operations during the term of the cuaderno (one year).
Minimizes operation times for the delivery of goods at the customs office.
No taxes paid to foreign trade.
It can be used at any customs office worldwide.


Which countries may conduct foreign trade operations with an ATA Carnet? 

The countries, besides Mexico, which accept foreign trade operations with ATA Carnet are the following:  

What is the process for the ATA Carnet in Mexico?

The National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO acronym in Spanish) is the only institution authorized to issue this document in our country. To be able to use it, the interested user shall pay the pertaining amount and shall create an escrow account, according to the regulations established by said chamber.