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Information to enter as a passenger

If you are a foreign national

To enter Mexico, you must complete all migration paperwork. All foreign nationals must carry with them a valid and current passport.
Take into consideration that under no circumstances does Mexico issue any visas at any entry point.
However, there are migration faculties that our country offers in order to enter, among them:
Foreign citizens carrying a passport, in addition to one of the following documents, do not require a Mexican visa:

    I. Valid and current multiple-entry visa for the United States.
    II. Permanent resident card for Canada, United States, Japan, United Kingdom or any other country from the Schengen area.
    III. Traveler Card for businesspeople (APEC Business Traveler Card (ABTC)), approved by Mexico. 

    Immigration requirements for foreign visitors entering Mexico that may be requested by immigration officers:

      I. Valid and current Passport or ID.
      II. Personal information requested by immigration authorities.
      III. Travel justification. This information must be in accordance with the issued visa, should one be necessary. If travelling as a tourist, you will be asked to prove economic solvency, as well as a hotel reservation (preferably paid for). You may be asked to prove your place of residence and origin.
      IV. Address and length of stay in national territory. It is important to show a roundtrip ticket to the country of origin and to prove that the hotel reservation matches the dates of stay in the country.
      V. Information related to the activities that will be carried out in the national territory, as well as those performed in the place of origin.
      VI. Economic solvency for the period of stay in the national territory. An international credit card is strongly recommended.

    The immigration officer will stamp an immigration form that must be kept, since this document will have to be given to the immigration office upon exiting the country.

    If your migration status is visitor without permission to engage in remunerated activities (touristic), then you must know that you will have to pay for the DNR.

What is the DNR?

The DNR is the right foreign nationals must pay for when entering Mexico with the status of visitor without permission to engage in remunerated activities (touristic), by air, land, or sea. Currently, the fare is $533.00 pesos per person. If you travel with a non-Mexican friend, they will have to pay for the DNR.

How and where do foreign nationals pay for the DNR?

If the foreign national is travelling by air, the DNR is paid for when buying the plane ticket. If travelling by land or sea, it must be paid for in any bank branch in Mexico, or the place of entry of the country. In Exchange, the corresponding voucher for immigration rights should be obtained by showing their Passport and their Multiple Migration Form (FMM), provided that the reason for their journey is tourism, business, or other.

Who does not have to pay for the DNR?

  1. Visitors without permission to engage in remunerated activities entering Mexico by land and whose stay is shorter than seven days.
  2. Foreign nationals carrying a valid and current Mexican visa, different from the one for visitors without permission to engage in remunerated activities.
  3. Foreign nationals with temporal or permanent residence in Mexico with a current immigration form, formerly FM2 o FM3.
  4. Foreign diplomats or official services visa.
  5. Children under 2 years of age.