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Infringements and sanctions

El incumplimiento a la legislación aduanera puede causarte desde un perjuicio económico y/o patrimonial, hasta la privación de la libertad.

The following information is for informational purposes only and covers some infringements and sanctions you may be liable to, as they are including but not limited to.

*The following may entail infringements to Customs Law, and you will be sanctioned accordingly:

Transporting, Exporting, or Importing:

  1. Without making a declaration with the customs authority and failing to pay applicable taxes.
  2. Not having the necessary documentation and/or permits while being subject to regulations and non-tariff restrictions.
  3. Prohibited or restricted items.
  4. Entering or leaving the country with concealed goods or attempting to disguise them.

*Some of the sanctions you may be liable to should you fail to comply with the Customs Law are:

  1. Administrative and Customs Matter Proceeding (PAMA).
  2. Preventive seizure of goods and the means transporting them.
  3. Voluntarily relinquishing goods provided that they do not exceed 3,000 USD; are subject to unmet Regulations and Non-Tariff restrictions, and with unpaid corresponding fine.
  4. Fines ranging from 80% to 120% of the commercial value of the goods in question.
  5. Even the transport means of the goods could be seized by the Federal Tax Authority, without precluding the other applicable penalties.

Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, without precluding the sanctions referred to in the Customs Law, you may be liable to appear before the Federal Public Prosecutor.

Remember, failing to comply with the customs legislation may incur an economic and/or patrimonial loss, and even depravation of liberty.

*The above-mentioned infringements and sanctions are just some cases set out in the current Customs Law. You may find them in full in the Eight Title of the above-mentioned legislation.