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Strategic In-bond Facility

What is a Strategic In-bond Facility (RFE, acronym in Spanish for Recinto Fisalizado Estratégico)? 

It is a property located within the constituency of any customs office, property of any individual, which is enabled for the introduction of goods, under the Customs regime called strategic In-bond Facility. 

What is the Strategic In-bond Customs facility regime (RFE)?

This is a system which allows to introduce foreign, domestic or nationalised goods for limited time for handling, storing, safeguarding, exhibiting, selling, distributing, transforming or repairing purposes, and as courier. 

Who can be carriers of the RFE customs regime?

Entities who use or own an area located within the properties enabled for the introduction of goods to the strategic in-bond facility regime. Likewise, goods may be authorized to be destined to said regime and those with a concession or authorization to provide handling, storage and safeguarding services for foreign trade goods.

Goods which are destined to the RFE

Legal goods, excepting oil products. 

Goods may be extracted from the RFE for:

Imports, definitively, when they are foreign. Exports, definitively, if they are domestic. To return abroad those which are foreign, or reincorporate to the market, those which are domestic, when the beneficiaries abandon this regime. Temporary imports from maquilas or companies with export programs authorized by the Secretary of Economy. Destined to the fiscal warehouse regime.  

Authorizations to operate the RFE

  1. Enabling a property for the introduction of goods under the strategic In-bond Facility and the authorization to manage it (Manager).
  2. Authorization to destine the goods to the strategic In-bond Facility (Operator).
  3. Authorization for the authorized concessioned In-bond Facilities to destine the goods under their safeguard to the strategic In-bond Facility.

Benefits of the new RFE system


  1. Immediate VAT/IEPS (special tax on production and services, acroym in Spanish) certification (prove the authorization of the RFE operator).
  2. Domestic or imported goods may be definitely introduced for storage, exhibition, sale and distribution, without them being destined to the RFE regime, which shall not be considered exported.
  3. When entering the regime, no non-tariff regulations or restrictions are applied (excepting animal and plant health, public health, environment and national security issues).
  4. The clearance of goods may be made to introduce them to the RFE regime and extract them from said, before any customs office, even in not working days and times.
  5. The term for the goods to be kept is of 60 months for general goods, and for an authorization term for machinery and equipment.
  6. No minimum surface is required to obtain authorization.