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Mexican students or researchers

Mexican students and researchers coming back to Mexico, after living abroad for at least one year, may request authorization to enter with their household goods free of foreign trade taxes.

Such request will have to be made through the corresponding Legal Decentralized Organization or through the Central Foreign Trade and Customs Regulation Administration, without the need for a certified declaration by the Mexican consulate of the country where the person lived.

The students or researchers may prove their studies or research abroad through one or several attestations issued by the academic institutions where they performed such endeavors, provided that the duration is a minimum of one year.

Menaje permanente

Temporary import of household goods for foreign students or researchers


National students and researchers returning to the country must have a minimum period of living one year abroad.

Legal basis: Articles 100 and 101 of the Customs Law Regulation, regulation 3.3.4. of the General Regulations of Foreign trade for 2017.