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Household goods

What do we mean by household goods?

Household goods are the trousseau and utensils in a house that are meant for exclusive day-to-day use of a family, as long as they have been acquired six months before the request for this procedure.

Household goods that can be imported without paying Foreign Trade taxes.

Encompasses the following used goods:

  1. Trousseau and utensils in a house that are meant for the exclusive day-to-day use of a family, clothing, books, bookcases.
  2. Scientific or art works that do not constitute full collections to be displayed at exhibitions or art galleries.
  3. Scientific instruments of professionals, as well as the tools of workers and craftsmen, provided that they are essential for the performance of the profession, artwork or occupation.
  4. Scientific instruments and tools that are exempt cannot constitute all the equipment to set up a laboratory, clinic, or workshop.

If you are interested in importing household goods free of taxes, you will have to prove that the household goods were acquired at least six months before the intended date to enter Mexico.

Moving households can be carried out three months before the interested party enters or leaves the country or six months after they enter or leave.

Important: Goods for commercial or industrial activities and vehicles possessed abroad are not considered household goods.

Goods not considered as household goods.


The goods that the interested party possessed abroad for commercial or industrial purposes.

  1. Vehicles